More Housing For Local People


Housing Issue


The issue of housing is a major one and it affects people everywhere including Redbridge. A good number of people are in the waiting list in Redbridge. Waiting time depending on type of house or flat varies. People with larger families are living in dire conditions. Redbridge council has a plan to build over 1000 new affordable homes over the next 5 years. We do not want developers taking over our housing block without providing a good number of affordable house or flat to local people. There are a huge number of rough sleepers in Redbridge. If I am elected, I will work with the local authority to build more affordable housing and will take initiative to bring down rough sleepers into zero. I will work to increase the supply of affordable housing to prevent homelessness and to reduce the use of temporary housing.

Save King George


Saving King George Hospital


King George has been in the news a lot recently, specifically about the state of A & E of King George Hospital. I am elected, I will ensure proper funding is received from the government and ensure all departments are fully equipped with state of the art technology and no staff shortage.

Climate Emergency


Climate change has been affecting everyone’s life throughout the world.


The government has set a target for net zero carbon emission by 2050. To achieve this goal, Redbridge council has also declared a climate emergency. The council has also planned a series of programmes including carbon free zones, planting trees etc. Toxic air has a detrimental effect on lunge of the human being including children. Tens of thousands of children develop asthma every year as a result of traffic fumes, with the rate Britain is the highest. A fifth of new childhood asthma cases in Britain are the result of toxic nitrogen dioxide in the air. Toxic fumes create breathing problems, lunch cancer and many other heath related problem. In Britain, 19 percent of new cases of asthma caused as the result of fumes compared with the 13 percent of global level. We need to ensure I believe we need to see policies and funding that guarantees better land use, increases tree and hedgerow planting and reverses the degradation of our soils so that we can drive carbon back into the ground.

Tackling knife Crime


Tackling knife Crime


In recent years, London has become capital of knife crime. This year, 86 young people have lost their lives because of knife crime. Ilford has been in the headlines for knife crimes in recent months. A number of young people have been stabbed in Ilford. Knife crime is epidemic now in London. Many people wonder why this is happening now. People say there are many reasons for knife crime. Those committing knife crimes have nothing better to do, are from a broken family, drug addiction, joblessness, no one to look after them, they don’t have a facility to play a game or use their potential and so on. There are other reasons as well. Government austerity in all the sectors, budget cut for the Police Forces and youth service are behind soaring levels of knife crime. If I am elected, I will put this issue in my top priority. I will ensure more funding for police and youth services in the borough so that the curse of knife crime will not touch us.