My manifesto is Labour manifesto which is ‘For the many not the few.’ With Labour we want to build a country where we will invest our wealth to give everyone the best chance. However, as I will be representing the people of Ilford South I have my own priorities for my local people that seriously affect us. As I have been living locally for long time I know local problems. Following are the few that I will do on priority basis. However, I will plenty other local issues that I want to deal with.
Ilford South Labour Candidate Tareq Chowdhury - Running in Labour Ilford South Selection

More Housing For Local People

I will work to increase the supply of affordable housing to prevent homelessness and to reduce the use of temporary housing.

Save King George

I am elected, I will ensure proper funding is received from the government and ensure all departments are fully equipped with state of the art technology and no staff shortage.

Climate Emergency

I believe we need to see policies and funding that guarantees better land use, increases tree and hedgerow planting and reverses the degradation of our soils so that we can drive carbon back into the ground.

Tackling knife Crime

I will put this issue in my top priority. I will ensure more funding for police and youth services in the borough so that the curse of knife crime will not touch us.